July 31, 2017

This is the first edition of the Ditch The Basket blog. Ditch The Basket comes from our company giving people something new and refreshing when it comes to gift giving. It’s time for the old wicker baskets to go!  In addition to having updates about what we are doing, we will provide insight into ideas and trends within the gift industry. Also, we will stay on top of the “goings-on” in New Orleans. 

We are a company based in New Orleans and our first priority will always be to work with and serve the people of the city. When we developed the concept, we initially thought of using 8-10 cities to start the business. With that being said, it has been so much easier working with one city and the place we call home. 

Box Of Care has revitalized our love for the city and has given us the opportunity to see more of what we love about New Orleans and did not even know was there. It is an honor and a privilege yet difficult to try to encapsulate all of the best of New Orleans in one box at a time. 

Thank you for all of those who support and please keep up with our Ditch The Basket blog to stay in the know.