The Jumbo Laya Box

No food in New Orleans can feed the multitudes and provide perfect flavor like a pot of jambalaya. With Spanish and French influence, this dish combines rice, vegetables, and meat and turns it into something special. It doesn’t take much to make this dish your own and of course mixing in a little bit of love is the real main ingredient in this New Orleans dish. This box includes:

 2 12 oz. box of  Zatarain’s® Jambalaya Mix

Jambalaya Recipe Pot Holder

New Orleans Food Icons Tile

New Orleans Logo Ceramic Spoonrest

White Apron (34Wx34L) [Not pictured]

Wooden Spoon

Bamboo Cutting Board

Possible add-ons include:

Louisiana Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board (replaces original board)

Destination Louisiana Cutting Board (replaces original board)