The Seafood Extravaganza Box

For those who want a little bit of everything the Seafood Extravaganza Box may be the one for you. This care package mixes keepsakes with some classic edible New Orleans food. Whether you're in crawfish season or the late summer this box has you covered. Also, don't overlook the gumbo bowl that can be more than decoration for whomever you send this box. This box includes:

Gumbo Recipe Pot Holder

Jambalaya Recipe Pot Holder

4.5 oz. box of Zatarain’s® Gumbo Base

1 lb. bag of Mahatma® Rice

Wooden Spoon

2 4 oz. Zatarain’s® Liquid Crab Boil

2 16 oz. Zatarain’s® Dry Crab Boil

Plush Crawfish Stuffed Animal

Louisiana Four Seasons Gumbo Bowl

12 oz. box of Zatarain’s® Jambalaya Mix

 2 oz. Tabasco® Hot Sauce