The Coffee and Beignets Box

This box pays respect to one of the brands most synonymous with New Orleans. Tourists and locals know when they want beignets in New Orleans they have to visit Café Du Monde. With multiple locations around the city, beignets and coffee are never that far away. However, you can now have the experience in the comfort of your own home! This box includes:

2 lb. box of Café Du Monde® Beignet Mix

16 oz. box of Domino® Confectioner’s Sugar (Powdered)

3 oz. Powder sugar shaker

15 oz. Café Du Monde® Coffee & Chicory

11 oz. Café Du Monde® mug

1 Café Du Monde® apron

1 Beignet Café tile

1 paper soda jerk hat

 And we are throwing in a 36” Beignet and Coffee bead for FREE!