The Mardi Gras Extravaganza Box

This is the biggest and best version of a Mardi Gras gift we have to offer. We took everything we know Mardi Gras to be (minus king cake) and put it into a gift that anyone would love. There is no doubt your love for New Orleans will be front and center at your home with this collection. If you want the full spirit of being out on the parade route with the ones you love, this is the gift for you. This box includes:

The limited edition Box of Care Mardi Gras box (2nd picture)

1 Mardi Gras Beanie

1 Mardi Gras 2nd line umbrella

1 string of 50 Mardi Gras lights

1 Hand-painted Mardi Gras 2021 Coconut

1 Large Mardi Gras Flag (3'x5')

1 Epiphany Throws Epiphany Bracelet

1 Southern Suds and More Cinnamon Bun soap bar

1 Southern Lights Candles Mardi Gras scent candle  

1 4" Mardi Gras colored feather boa

1 Metallic mask

1 Box Of Care 'NOLA Action Words' shot glass

1 Box Of Care 'NOLA Action Words' coaster

1 New Orleans specialty bead

1 pair of Mardi Gras sunglasses

2 Happy Mardi Gras schedule cups

1 Fleur de Lis Mardi Gras drink coozie

1 plush King Cake baby stuffed toy 

1 bag of Elmer's Chee Wees