The Burl Box

We don’t think anyone can say for sure when the first seafood boil was, but we are all glad it happened. There aren’t too many people in New Orleans who do not attend numerous crawfish boils during crawfish season from the spring through the summer. When you put on a pot of hot boiling water over a fire and add the right liquid and dry seasoning the smell becomes intoxicating. This box gives the best parts of the boil and some unique keepsakes. This box includes: 

2 4 oz. Zatarain’s® Liquid Crab Boil

16 oz. Zatarain’s® Dry Crab Boil

Plush Crawfish Stuffed Animal

Louisiana Four Seasons Plastic Spoonrest

Louisiana Four Seasons Gumbo Bowl

5 oz. bag of Zapp’s® Crawtators Chips

White Apron (34Wx34L) [Not Pictured]

Small Wooden Paddle

Bamboo Cutting Board 

Possible add-ons include:

Louisiana Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board (replaces original board)

Destination Louisiana Cutting Board (replaces original board)