The Gimmie Some Sugar Box

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Who can resist indulging in something sweet while in New Orleans? Whether you are in the French Quarter or on St. Charles Avenue, there is no shortage of treats for you to sink your teeth into! The Gimmie Some Sugar Box takes just a few of the hard-to-find items popular in New Orleans and puts them all in one place for you to take a bite and be back in the city. This box includes:

3 oz. bag of Elmer’s® Caramel Popcorn

4 Pralines

4 pieces of Southern Candymaker’s® Saltwater Taffy

3 oz. bag of Tabasco® Jelly Beans

Tabasco® Chocolate wedges

3 oz. bag of Tabasco® Hot Cinnamon Candies 

1 Praline recipe pot holder 

Possible add-ons include:

 2 lb. box of Café Du Monde® Beignet Mix