Our Story

Louisiana is where both Jonathan Floyd and Brent Rumney were born and raised. Friends since they were five years old, they always wanted to start a business together and have a big impact on their community. They came up with a vision to spread their love of their home and New Orleans tradition to the world. Their vision turned into the Box of Care.  

Box of Care is more than just a simple care package, but more of a journey into what it is to be a true New Orleanian. It is not only for local residents, but anyone who has a passion for Louisiana culture with all its tasty foods, treats, and festivities. 

Box of Care is a movement to help bring Louisiana to everyone as well as help celebrate numerous occasions. Box of Care will make it easy to order gifts for friends and family and surprise them with something that truly will have meaning and bring a smile to their face. We put the best gifts of New Orleans in a box!